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Latest Dental Rescue Day Hailed A Success

Posted on August 21st, 2019

  • 8 volunteer Dentists and Dental Assistants provided pro bono dental treatment to 27 patients
  • From 9 charities including William Booth House, The Station, Neami, the Jesuit Refugee Service Australia, Detour House and Wayside Chapel
  • Treatment worth $8,617 was provided.

About 30 vulnerable patients received vital free dental care as part of the latest Australian Dental Health Foundation (ADHF) Dental Rescue Day.

The event, held at ADA NSW’s CPD Clinic at its Atchison Street headquarters, saw volunteer dentists donate their time to provide pro bono treatment to patients nominated from different charities.

Many of the patients had chronic or complex health needs preventing them from accessing mainstream dental services.

Some of the patients were homeless, while others were recovering from drug and alcohol addiction or other issues.

Participating charities nominating patients included William Booth House, The Station, Neami, the Jesuit Refugee Service Australia, Detour House and Wayside Chapel.

Among the nine dentists and dental assistance who volunteered for the event, which took place on Saturday, August 10, was Dr Oliver Colman, who led the team as Clinical Supervisor.

Dr Colman, a Visiting Dental Practitioner at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital, has also taken part in previous ADHF rescue days and it was terrific to be part of a vital event.

“The ADHF rescue days are a vital way to help vulnerable members of society receive dental treatment they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access,” he said.

“As a dentist, it is great to be part of a team providing this help. I also feel very rewarded knowing I am helping people in need.

“Participating is easy and has little effect on working life. Giving up one day every few months in order to give back some of the benefits of my experience is most satisfying and It has allowed me to meet new people and connect with my dental colleagues.

“I would encourage every NSW dentist to volunteer for these events and help spread the word about the importance of oral health.”

Any ADA NSW members interested in taking part in future Dental Rescue Days should email ADHF NSW State Coordinator Madeleine Martin at [email protected]

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