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Charles Bartella

Charles Bartella trained overseas before becoming an Australian Dental Council candidate. “Filling the Gap is a great initiative which encourages the private dental work force, in particular, to provide valuable support for the community through ADA facilities as a starting point,” he says. “I’m happy to be involved anyway I can help!” Charles first volunteered with Filling the Gap in July 2020. He says his motivation to support the ADA NSW charity was the inaccessibility of dental treatment for many members of the community.

“The demand to access the dental public service is soaring and waiting lists are incredibly long. I believe, as a member of this amazing NSW community, it is my duty to stand up and provide help where I am able to. “If I ever find myself or someone I know in need in the future, I am confident volunteers will help provide all the support I may need.” His advice to dental professionals considering volunteering: “Just go for it!”

Posted on July 27th, 2020

“His advice to dental professionals considering volunteering: “Just go for it!”

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