Dr Sarah Raphael
Dr Sarah Raphael is the General Manager of Filling the Gap. An enthusiastic advocate for finding achievable solutions for the improvement of oral health for all Australians, she works closely with NSW Health, the University of Sydney and other key stakeholders on Filling the Gap and ADA NSW programs. Sarah is committed to taking Filling the Gap to new heights by growing the volunteering opportunities and dental aid programs, improving public awareness of the importance of good oral health and continuing to advocate for better oral health for all Australians. Graduating from University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and initially working in rural and remote areas of South Australia, Sarah made the move to Sydney to pursue further studies. She completed a Master’s degree in Paediatric Dentistry, Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Over her career spanning 30 years, she has been involved in many varied aspects of the profession – holding positions in clinical dentistry, university teaching and providing research and education consultancy services to Colgate Oral Care for almost 20 years. Sarah has been involved in many local and national committees including ANZSPD, AAPD, RACDS, the Australian Dental Council and served as a board member for the ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development. Sarah also continues to follow her research interests in oral health and preventive product technology, holding an honorary position with the University of Sydney School of Dentistry.
Faiza Ahmad
Faiza Ahmad started as Head of Communications and Public Affairs at ADA NSW in October 2020. Faiza has previously worked as National Communications Manager at The Smith Family. In this role she developed integrated communications strategies to grow brand awareness and consideration amongst The Smith Family's target audiences. She was responsible for the development of tailored content across multiple channels (including social media content, key messages, talking points, website content, video content, infographics and publications). Prior to this she worked as National Promotions Manager, Retail and National Promotions Co-ordinator, Retail at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Faiza has also worked as Senior Accountant, Consumer Industrial Markets at KPMG Australia where she conducted financial statement audits and provided advisory services as part of a team to a number of large organisations.
Vincent Yeo
Vincent Yeo is the ADA NSW Chief Financial Officer where he manages the association’s finances and reporting obligations. He strongly believes that most of us are fortunate to be in a position to help in some shape or form, and it is our responsibility and privilege to assist those in need. He advocates the efficient allocation of resources so that we will be able to improve the health and quality of life of more vulnerable people with poor oral health.
Wendy Chin
Wendy is currently the NSW/ACT Coordinator for the Australian Dental Health Foundation and Filling the Gap programs. Wendy is an established not-for-profit professional who has worked with volunteers across diverse communities. She is passionate about the power of volunteering and finding meaningful outcomes that make our world a better place through individual and group efforts. Wendy loves being part of the Filling the Gap program as it connects those who are falling through the gap in our society with the dental community to help them rebuild their lives and smile again.
Juliana Osorio Garcia
Born in Colombia and raised in Australia, Juliana is now in love with our country. She is currently the Dental Clinic and Patient Coordinator for the Australian Dental Health Foundation and Filling the Gap Programs. Juliana has completed her certificate III as a Dental Assistant at TAFE. For the past five years, she has been a Dental Assistant in some of the dental clinics around Sydney. Juliana loves been part of the Filling the Gap program and believes the best thing about her job is helping people and getting to know them along the way.
Elise Ross
Elise Ross brings over 10 years’ experience in marketing and communications within the healthcare sector. Beginning at the Royal College of Pathologists Quality Assurance Programs (RCPAQAP), Elise strengthened international agent relations by offering tailored, simplified communication solutions to contacts in Malaysia, India, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, and facilitated internal change communication during the company’s interstate co-location project. While studying a Master of Arts (MA) in Organisational Communication, Elise first joined ADA NSW as Membership and Communications Officer. Regular communication with members and responsibility for content creation developed an understanding of member priorities and needs. After living and working in Canada, Elise returned to ADA NSW to join a fast-growing team and has since been tasked with projects such as the overhaul of the ADA NSW website. Now Marketing and Communications Manager, Elise continues her digital focus with planning and oversight across channels. Through engagement with volunteers, it is clear Filling the Gap provides a wonderful opportunity for dentists and the dental team to give back. Elise is very proud to be a small part of that.
Tim Escott
Tim Escott is a tertiary qualified marketing and communications professional at ADA NSW. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the private, NFP and various roles in the State and Federal public sector. His most recent role has been as a Communications Manager at the NSW Department of Education. Tim has previously worked in marketing and communications roles in the NSW registered club industry and has written news and feature pieces for News Limited newspapers, amongst other platforms. He has considerable experience in producing content for digital and print platforms, including content for websites, newspapers and through email marketing. Tim is the Senior Communications Advisor and Editor of NSW Dentist magazine at ADA NSW.
Deidre Holland
Deidre Holland is a designer with over 27 years’ industry experience. She has worked in a variety of workplaces from small boutique design studios through to freelancing in some of Sydney’s more prestigious advertising agencies. She ran her own design consultancy for 13 years prior to stepping back into the corporate world. She has produced work for a diverse range of clientele, ranging from high fashion, travel, automotive, health-care, through to education and not-for-profits. Working on a wide range of collateral from advertising, direct marketing, branding and publishing, to name a few. Her passion is for implementing and maintaining a strong brand identity for businesses. A strong brand will ensure that a business is elevated and recognised for its professionalism, trustworthiness and shared values, which leads to greater awareness and customer loyalty.
Posted on January 9th, 2019
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